Maas: forcing import of boot-images

After following this recommended guide: (kudos stokachu) i noticed that the "Import the boot images"
step could be getting stuck on MaaS 1.5.4 with the following error message:

The region controller does not know whether any boot images have been imported yet.  
If this message does not disappear in 5 minutes, there may be a communication problem between the region worker process and the region controller.  
Check the region worker's logs for signs that it was unable to report to the MAAS API.  

After checking at my /var/log/maas/celery* i couldn't see any associated task running in background, so the quick way to solve this is triggering the background task manually using the maas-cli.

First login using your API key:

maas-cli login _username_ http://maas-controller/MAAS/api/1.0 _api_key  

Once logged in, refresh workers.

maas-cli admin node-groups refresh-workers  

Then, force the image importing:

maas-cli admin node-groups import-boot-images  

You should get something like:

Import of boot images started on all cluster controllers  

Now if you login into the Maas controller, the following message will be displayed, which means the download of base images has been started and you should wait for a while before get ready to use them.

Import of boot images started on all cluster controllers. Importing the boot images can take a long time depending on the available bandwidth.  

Good luck.

Jorge Niedbalski

Dev and Ops , and might be the opposite.

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